British Newspaper Archive now available FREE at the Society of Genealogists’ Library

The acclaimed British Newspaper Archive with over 9 million digitised pages of newspapers from the UK and Ireland (and with many millions of pages more to come) is now available FREE to use at the Society of Genealogists’ extensive genealogy library in Clerkenwell, London.

Dating back to the 1700s and covering over 200 years of history, this remarkable website remains a fascinating family history resource. Within minutes our staff found amazing facts about their ancestors, from Christmas tree thieves who redeemed themselves in the First World War to purveyors of quack medicines or a winner of the third prize in agricultural society ploughing match. As they say, all rich human life is here in the newspapers. 

The Society is delighted to be one of the first libraries to offer FREE  multi user access to the British Newspaper Archive in the computer suite in the lower library and across all the SoG networked computers and via wifi* on all floors too.

Searching BNA and all the other free websites** made available in the Society’s library is made even easier thanks to the generous sponsorship and purchase by the Halsted Trust  of new computers and monitors for the lower library.

So do come and use the Society’s computers to explore thousands of British and Irish newspapers from 1710-1954 for FREE.

If you want to take the British Newspaper Archive home with  you then SoG library users can get the first month’s subscription to the site for just £1 when you enter the promotional code SOG15 and click ‘subscribe’ at



*nb if using British Newspaper Archive via the SoG wifi on your own laptop or device  you will be asked by BNA to register in order fully to use the site free at the SoG.  SoG computers are already registered and logged in. Use of the BNA website is not free outside the SoG premises.

** other free sites available at the SoG include Ancestry, Findmypast, The National Archives digital downloads and the Society of Genealogists’ Data Online

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