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The newest edition in our popular ‘My Ancestors’ series is My Ancestor was Scottish - A Guide to Sources for Family Historians by Alan Stewart

(2nd edition published April 2020).

A comprehensive and indispensable guide to tracing Scottish ancestry, this book will help you get to grips with the differences and nuances of researching genealogy in Scotland, from civil registration and census returns, to parish registers, wills and testaments, tax and valuation records, services of heirs and legal records.

In addition to exploring Scottish maps and newspapers the author devotes chapters to Scottish clans, armed forces records and Scottish resources in the Library of the Society of Genealogists. although the basic techniques of Scottish family history are the same as those for English and Welsh research, there are also a number of differences, which this book examines. This second edition had been brought up to date with current web links and sites, along with guides to new resources online. Cost £7.02.

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My Ancestor was an Agricultural Labourer (2nd edition pub Jan 2020) by Ian Waller

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My Ancestor was a Bastard by Ruth Paley

My Ancestor was an Apprentice by Stuart Raymond

My Ancestor was a Coalminer by David Tonks

and many more…

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