Family History Getaway: Irish Ancestors & Irish Lives - A Week-long Course, 5-9 June

Join us at the Society of Genealogists for an Irish Family History Getaway Week. The Society is hosting this intensive five-day programme in its Library in London. You can attend talks and workshops to find out how to trace your Irish ancestors, and the resources that are available, including new collections and developments. Then, as part of the programme, explore the books, documents and records in our Library and Catalogue and have personal consultations with our Help and Advice Team looking at your family tree. Fifteen talks, help using our Library and lunch are included in the cost.

Like so many families around the world, you probably have some Irish ancestors on your family tree. Over the centuries, Irish people have travelled around the globe. They helped to build the modern world, trading, colonising, governing, or fighting in garrisons in far off settlements. You may have found some of the basic records for your Irish ancestors, telling you where they came from in Ireland, the villages they lived in and who they married. But, from the stories you’ve heard, do you think there’s so much more to learn about what their lives were like in Ireland? This Getaway Week focuses on the Irish branches of your family tree: how they lived, their daily lives and jobs, the political and social issues that challenged them, and the documents that can help you build an understanding about them.

Aims and objectives

Spread over the five days, we aim to help you to find your Irish ancestors and to develop your understanding of how they lived and how the history of Ireland affected their lives. The sessions will focus on some broad themes: basic church and civil records; 17th century records; 18th and 19th century life in Ireland; and lesser known and new sources.

  • Develop a greater knowledge of where to find records and the information they might hold to help you build up a picture of your Irish ancestors’ lives.
  • Learn more about the underlying social and local context of life in Ireland from the 17th to the 19th century. An appreciation of the issues your ancestors faced enables you to make more sense of what they did and what happened to them.
  • Find out about the lesser known sources of records and data that will help you to really put some flesh on your ancestors’ bones.

Time for your own research

We’ve built into the programme some time each day for you to do your own research. Of course, you will want to use the Society's remarkable Library collection of over 120,000 items - 4 floors full of fascinating records.

And you can book personal consultations with the tutors and members of the Society’s expert Help and Advice Team to discuss the challenges in your Irish family tree.

Who should attend

Everyone researching their Irish family history and building a family tree is very welcome. Do you have the basic details but wonder why your ancestors made certain choices and how they lived? This five-day Getaway programme is ideal for you.

Are you just getting started and would like to build up your knowledge of Ireland, Irish life and the records that are available? You will find many answers and get a head start in our Library during the five days. Expect a friendly atmosphere, expert tutors and lots of detail. There is, of course, a sandwich lunch break and tea and coffee breaks during the day. Take the opportunity to get to know other people who share your interests in family history.

Tutors  - Else Churchill (Society of Genealogists), Roz McCutcheon (Irish Genealogical Research Society), Jill Williams (Irish Genealogical Research Society), Sharon Hintze (London Family History Library) and Fiona Fitzsimons (Eneclann)

Dates -  Monday June 5 to Friday June 9 2017, 10:30am-5pm each day.

Cost - The cost covers: all talks and workshops, sandwich lunch, access to our Library and personal consultations. If you are not a Member of the Society of Genealogists: £220.00 for the full five-day course. If you are a Member: £176.00 for the full five days. It’s easy to become a Member and there are loads of other benefits and discounts. Visit our website to find out more.

How to book - A booking form and full programme can be viewed here. To book a place online, visit the events section of our website

Or phone us on 020 7553 3290 Tuesday - Thursday or Saturday. Do you have a question? email the events department.

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