Finding Fred:The Story of City of London’s Police Blitz Photographer - One-hour Talk on 27 Feb

The Cross and Tibbs collection of almost 400 photographs provides an amazing record of the bomb damage inflicted on the City of London from the start of the Blitz in 1940 until the end of WWII. Some of these images are world famous. However, very little has been known, until now, about the two amateur photographers who were behind the camera. In this talk, Rebecca Walker looks at the life and times of one of them, Frederick Tibbs. She describes the City he knew, from the Roaring 20s through to World War II. Rebecca also highlights some of the sources, available to family historians, that were used to uncover more about Fred, his work and his career as a City of London police officer.

A one-hour talk on Wednesday, 27 February (2pm) with Rebecca Walker. Cost £8.00/£6.40 SoG Members. Places should be pre-booked, through our website or by telephone: 020 7553 3290 (Tue-Thu & Sat). Do you have a question? email the events department. 

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