Genealogists Magazine is now available to buy on DVD

Past copies of Genealogists’ Magazine are now available to buy on DVD. This collection comprises all issues, dating from the first volume in 1925 through to 2006

The magazines are fully searchable, making them an amazing resource for genealogists. They are issued in a three series on DVD. They are available to buy in individual series at £24.99 or as a fantastic package offer at £59.97 for all three series (the whole run from 1925 to 2006). Members 10% discount will also be available on either option making this even cheaper so buy now while stocks last:

The DVDs can be ordered onine from the SoG Bookshop

Although founded in 1911 the Society of Genealogists did not start publishing its own Genealogists’ Magazine until April 1925. Prior to that date a series of 31 quarterly notes and reports had appeared in George Sherwood’s Pedigree Register and the Antiquary. Now for the first time since 1925 some 90 years of Genealogists’ Magazine, the official journal of the Society, have been republished, scanned and made fully searchable on a series of DVDs. 


As the UK’s acknowledged ‘learned journal’ of the science of Genealogy,  Genealogists’ Magazine, or GM as it is more commonly known, has continually  published articles of long term interest to Genealogists and Family Historians and the sister crafts of History and Heraldry. While many published articles usually discuss little-known or under-used sources and techniques, they may occasionally give record space to authoritative articles on royal, distinguished, or medieval ancestries. The content of the Genealogists’ Magazine, is intended for the interested genealogist eager to learn more. Where extensive pedigrees or narrative family histories are included, and there are many for all sorts of families, they are intended to shed light on or exemplify methodology or less-used records.

In addition to Society news and events and advice on new library accessions and collections alongside authoritative reviews of books and sources and now websites, the GM has a long tradition of publishing correspondence and readers’ queries.

The magazine aims was and is to be authoritative but not academic in the exclusive sense; well-educated and rigorous and always interesting. The potential now of nearly ninety years of fully searchable archive material is huge.

The Genealogist Magazine from 2006 to date ones are available to members on SoG Data Online 


by Else Churchill, Genealogist at the Society of Genealogists

In addition to the regular reporting of Society news, events and accessions to the library and document collections, the Genealogists’ Magazine has always included interesting obituaries. Usually these are reserved for Fellows or those who have made extraordinary contributions to the Society or the genealogical community, but by no means were all of the hundreds of published obituaries for members.

The obituary published in the Genealogists’ Magazine, March 1954   Issue, Vol 11, page 454, was of a member whose life outside genealogy was indeed extraordinary. Squadron Leader Harold James Fitz who had joined the Society in 1949 was co-pilot of the only RAF aircraft ever acknowledged to have been shot down by Soviet aircraft during the Cold War on 12 March 1953. He and his crew of six were killed when their Lincoln Bomber was shot down over Germany.

The extensive and authoritative articles were often given as read papers before an audience of Society members. Many had much insight to give about ongoing early genealogical and historical research, such as the origins of Virginia colonists or New England emigrants or, for example the antecedents of Doctor John Hall, ‘Shakespeare’s Son in Law’, by Irvine Gray, printed in the September 1936 issue, Vol 7, page 344.

Often the published papers were given by very distinguished people such as the paper read at a meeting of the Society on 1 December 1834 by Sir D’Arcy Power KBE FRCS (Consulting Surgeon to St Bartholomew’s Hospital; Honorary Librarian, Royal College of Surgeons of England), who wrote on ‘Some Early English Doctors and Their Descendants’ with notes on medics as early as the 1300s!


Even today the Society receives many request for copies of such articles. An ongoing series of articles that we reproduce from time to time are the extensive notes compiled by Major V. P. Hodson, which comprised an ongoing series published in volume 6 from March 1932 to December 1933 generally titled, ‘Some Families with a ‘Long East Indian Connexion”.


The most common library search/copy requests generated from a reference in the Genealogists’ Magazine are for copies of manuscript research notes listed in the regular accessions of D.MSS (Document Manuscripts) deposited into the library collections. These are now known as the Document Collections. They are often the birth briefs and pedigrees compiled by members, along with other documents such as family bibles, extracts of wills and family papers, such as the copy of the Navy Board Certificate for Richard Jones, dated 1 Nov 1790 and donated in June 1937. (I hope it’s still safely where it should be!).

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