June 2018 Discounted Book of the Month - Examples of Handwriting 1550-1650

A 20% Discount on this useful book which provides much insight into handwriting in the period of 1550-1650. Using the Parish Register of Froome Selwood in Somerset as a primary source, it contains handwriting examples of the alphabet, popular forenames of the time and a number of place names. The author of the book, W S Buck, also takes into variations in both spelling and the formation of individual letters, thus forming an important source of reference. For those wishing to decipher old parish records, or gain a broader understanding of archaic handwriting practices, this book is an essential purchase.

By W.S. Buck, pub 2005, A5, 71 pages

The usual cost of Examples of Handwriting 1550-1650 is £5.95 and is currently available to SoG members at the discounted price of £4.82 (£5.35 to non-members).

A £2.00 postal charge applies. This book plus the full range of titles published by the Society is available from our bookshop through our website or by telephone: 020 7251 8799 (Tue-Thu & Sat). Offer valid through 28 June.

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