October Discounted Books of the Month - with a Nonconformist Theme

To commemorate the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther posting his 95 theses and the start of the Protestant Reformation (and later English Reformation), this month three of our publications on nonconformist religions will be discounted:

My Ancestors Were English Presbyterians or Unitarians  

Alan Ruston’s comprehensive guide to researching into these two religious denominations focuses on providing the reader with specific record offices and libraries which best suit research into this area. Beginning with a history of Presbyterians and Unitarians in England, the book then serves as a thorough list of locations for the researcher to utilise. These locations cover England, Scotland, Wales, and the Isle of Man. There is a separate chapter concerning Ireland. Second edition, 2001. The normal price of this book is £4.95 and is now discounted to £4.45 (£4.01 for SoG members).


My Ancestors Were Congregationalists  

As many may know, parish registers of the Church of England are not the only source available to family historians for identifying the baptisms, marriages and burials of their forebears. For those with Congregationalist ancestors there are many records available, and this booklet is an essential guide to locating and understanding them. A revised, detailed directory list of all Congregationalist chapels in England and Wales founded before 1850, it includes a comprehensive list of Congregational Chapels founded before 1850, with details of holdings by record offices and major libraries. By David Clifford, revised edition 1997. The normal price of this book is £3.90 and is now discounted to £3.51 (£3.12 for SoG members).


My Ancestor Was a Mormon 

Charting the history of British Mormons and their journeys to America, Ian Waller’s thorough research guide provides the reader with carefully woven history/genealogy research guidance, which is both accessible and professional in its approach. Beginning with a lengthy general history of the LDS church, it then goes into specific avenues that the researcher will naturally encounter, such as emigration, colonisation, and using the relevant microfilms. The book concludes with a detailed directory of learning centres with a focus on the LDS church, all vital for Mormon genealogy. Published 2012. The normal price of this book is £9.99 and is now discounted to £8.99 (£8.09 for SoG members).

Offers good 29 September through 31 October 2017 A £2.00 postal charge applies. These books plus the full range of titles published by the Society is available from our bookshop or by telephone: 020 7251 8799. Do you have a question? email our sales department

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