Participants wanted for 2nd series of BBC Family Finders

Have you recently helped people reunite with family members who they’d lost touch with?

BBC Family Finders is a  BBC1 daytime factual series, which tells the stories of the genealogists and family tracing agencies who help reunite people who have been separated from their family members, often for many years.  Each programme features a Live story which films with people meeting again for the first time, and a Retrospective story which films with people who have already met, and are meeting again to continue their new-found relationship.  The show feature interviews with the genealogists who have traced family members, to tell their side of the search story and the production company Ricochet has contected the Society of Genealogists with the following message:-

BBC1 documentary series Family Finders is looking to hear from genealogists who have successfully tracked down people who had lost touch with loved ones. The cameras will be there to capture the moment as the two sides are reunited and meet each other for the very first time. We’re also looking for people who have already been reunited and are meeting up again with their newly found family… And we will feature your story of the search to reunite them…

Please call 01273 224804 or email if you’d like to share your story

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