Practical Blogging for Family History (using Wordpress)

Sat     19 Jan  14:00-17:00   Practical Blogging for Family History (using Wordpress)

"So you think you would like to try blogging? Well, I think that’s an excellent idea! Blogs are a great way to express yourself, connect with others who share your passions, and share information.
Blogging has entered a realm of its own, from fad to industry. People are entering the blogosphere daily, thousands every day. At one time, a blog would have been called a diary, journal, scrapbook, or storytelling. It is just one form of a website but one that is much simpler to use and needs no knowledge of programming languages.
The lecturer has been blogging for over 10 years  but we were all blogging newbies at one point. True, bloggers come to the table with varying degrees of online and social media experience, but we’ve all made more than a few  mistakes. Truth is, a blog is a website and  many people have great difficulty in setting up their first blog simply because although no programming skills are needed, the terminology has not been explained in more simplistic terms. The evolution from website to blog changes how people communicate so we will be looking at some of the development of blogs and help you learn more about blogging and how to use and install your own blog using the wordpress platform.We will go through step by step how to install a blog and the different aspects of blogging using plugins, themes, text, images, sounds and videos as well as the common mistakes to avoid"
A half-day course with Alec Tritton £17.50/£14.00

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