Reading and Understanding French Family History Documents - Half-day course on 31 August

Get familiar with documents relating to your French ancestors.

French people have been coming to Britain for over 1,000 years, not just because of religious persecution like the Huguenots, but for a variety of reasons. With the growth of online books and documents, access to information is much easier. But what records should you look for and how can you read them?

Kathy Chater examines the kinds of genealogical records you may encounter and what they contain.

Important: An acquaintance, however vague, with French is useful but not essential.

A half-day course on Saturday, 31 August (14:00 - 17:00) with Kathy Chater. Cost £20.00/£16.00 SoG Members. Places should be pre-booked through our website or by telephone: 020 7251 8799 (Tue-Thu & Sat). Do you have a question? email the events department.

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