September 2018 Discounted Book of the Month - My Ancestor was a Studio Photographer


Photography was one of the wonders of the Victorian age, and its practitioners held up a mirror in which the age could see itself. they were a mixed lot: artists, scientists, entrepreneurs, shopkeepers, conmen, visionaries and much more. this book helps you trace your studio photographer ancestor and demonstrates how you may trace surviving examples of your ancestors work. The author writes with great clarity and
passion for the subject, leaving no avenue left unexplored.

By Robert Pols (2011). The usual cost of my Ancestor was a studio photographer is £9.99 and is currently available to soG members at the discounted price of £8.09 (£8.99 to non-members).

This book, plus the full range of titles published by the society, are available from our bookshop, via our website, or by telephone: 020 7251 8799 (Tue-Thu & Sat). A £2.00 postal charge for a single book applies.  Offer ends 30 September 2018. Do you have a question? email our sales department.

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