Stage 2 Skills Course - Thursday Evenings for 10 weeks - starts 21 April

The Society of Genealogist's successful family history skills course continues with a second set of evening classes to develop your research and genealogy knowledge. Our team of professional genealogists present a carefully designed curriculum to develop your skills.

Who is this course for?
Stage 2 is designed for those who already have some experience of genealogical research and are familiar with the basic records (General Registration, the censuses, directories, parish registers and bishops' transcripts and wills).

What will the course cover?
Techniques for localising the elusive ancestor
Army records before 1914
Auxilliary services and state employees
Royal Navy and Merchant Navy records before 1914
Education, Trades and Professions
Apprenticeship records and guilds
Records of the poor
Criminal and court records
Marriage and death in the Church Courts
Records of the 17th century

What you will learn
Become familiar with many of the records and finding aids used to take research further.
Know what records are available and their whereabouts.
Place sources of data into the context of their original purpose.
Understand the techniques required to use sources of data in genealogical research.

Thursday evenings for 10 weeks, this course concludes 23 June. With Else Churchill, Simon Fowler, Paul Blake and Ian Waller. You can view the full programme and also book online or book by telephone: 020 7553 3290. Some classes can be booked independently, please email the events department for further information. 

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