The 1600s and 1800s - Times of Great Change in Ireland - A Online Half-day Course on 17 October 2020

This half-day course with Roz McCutcheon and Jill Williams includes two talks:

Talk 1 - The 1600s: The 1600s covered a seismic period in Irish History, with the defeat & flight of the old Irish nobility, the Ulster Plantation, the 1641 Rebellion, the Cromwellian campaign & the huge land confiscations, settlements & population movements that ensued, followed by the Williamite wars & finally by the introduction of the Penal Laws in the 1690s. In this talk, Roz covers the period from the viewpoint of one woman & her family. She & her descendants appear in many of the documents linked to the events described above, and her sons & grandsons fought on both sides in the major conflicts. Many of the sources for this period are now freely available online, & will be described (with Roz McCutcheon).

Talk 2 - Land Issues in the 19th Century: In the 1800s, land records abound and, in this talk, Jill examines them to show what extensive knowledge of our forbears can be obtained, whether rich or poor. She examines Griffiths Valuation & the subsequent cancelled valuation books, the Land League movement, the Encumbered Estates Act, Tithe Applotments, and so on. Like the 1600s, the 1800s was again a turbulent period, with major changes on the land. It was the time of the Great Hunger, evictions, assisted emigration, land wars, Whiteboys, and an increasing push for more justice regarding the holding of land. A comprehensive list of sources will be provided (with Jill Williams).

There will be a Question and Answer session after each talk, and a short break between talks. This live online half-day course takes place on Saturday, 17 October (10:30-13:00), using Zoom, which is free and easy to use.

If you have not joined one of our online talks before, you can find find more information here.  Bookings can be made on our website  but note spaces are now limited. 

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