The Heir Hunters Association Talk at the Society of Genealogists

Maurice Clarke founding chair of the Heir Hunters Association (HHA) delivered a thought provoking lecture to SOG members on the 8 June. It was just 6 years ago the term "Heir Hunters" was first struck by the BBC TV popular program of that name now in its sixth series. 2 years later the HHA was formed and has grown rapidly to represent some 350 independent researchers who trace heirs to estates left by people with died without a will and held by HM Treasury Solicitors office until claimed.

In the second half of his lecture Mr Clarke explained how millions of unclaimed financial assets are now potential targets for HHA members to research, although there remains the reluctance of finance companies and government to force a more robust program to reunite beneficiaries with the billions of pounds on offer.

To find out more about the association, visit the HHA Website

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