Top Ten GDPR Myths (General Data Protection Regulation) -  Talk on 31 January

As of May 2018, everyone living in Britain gained some extra legal protections relating to organisations that hold any of their personal data. You probably read about it as ‘the GDPR’. The regulations cover everyone in the EU and in the EEA. Because we all live in such a joined-up, online world, they also cover organisations in other countries that may receive and use our personal data. The aims of the GDPR are to give you more control over who knows about you and what they know. Plus, by making it apply across the EU, international companies now only have to understand one regulatory environment. So, it involved Facebook, Amazon, the BBC’s iPlayer, your sports club and, yes, even the Society of Genealogists – anyone who held your personal information.

Most of us received loads of emails from every place we had ever shopped or any club we had ever joined, all asking us to confirm that they could keep their records on us. Our IT Manager, Chris Mappley, did all the necessary work for us. In this one-hour talk, Chris gives you his Top 10 Myths, including ‘Did we really need the hundreds of emails?’

A one-hour talk on Thursday, 31 January (2pm) with SOG’s IT Manager, Chris Mappley. Free of charge but you must book your place online or by email

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