Tracing Family History in Lincolnshire: Lincs Links - A One-hour Lecture on 16 August 2017

Lincolnshire is a county which has much of hidden interest.  Look beyond the "Ag Labs” to discover her industrial innovations, including agricultural machinery and the WW1 tank.  Also, there are airbases open.  One of which is the home of the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight. Then there are a number of famous & infamous sons and daughters including Sir Isaac Newton, Margaret Thatcher, Alfred Lord Tennyson, and The Acid Bath Murderer.

This talk will introduce you to useful internet sources (Lincs Links) which will explore the County’s rich history. 

A one-hour lecture on A one-hour lecture on Wednesday, 16 August (2pm) with Jeff Royce and Richard Brown. Cost £8.00/£6.40 SoG members. Places should be pre-booked, through our website or by telephone: 020 7553 3290. Do you have a question? email the events department.

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