Almshouses - History & Architecture and the Birth of Social Housing - A Half-day Course on 30 March

In this half-day course using Hull as a case study, Carol Kerry-Green describes two separate types of housing.

Part 1 - Almshouses

Carol looks at the history of almshouses, from their beginnings as hospitals for the sick in the 11th century. She traces the different types of almshouses, who founded them and who funded them. Carol shows how to find records of almshouses, if you discover an ancestor living in one, for example on a census return. She also looks at the varying architectural styles over the centuries.

Part 2 - Council Housing

Carol looks at the crowded slums...

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Tracing your Italian Ancestors: Fundamentals & Fun Stuff - A Half-day Course on 23 March

In this half-day workshop with Lynn Serafinn, you will be taken on a whistle-stop tour of the fundamentals of tracing your Italian ancestry. You will start the tour by travelling on a timeline of Italian history through the centuries, and consider how regional identities and modern DNA testing often defy our preconceptions of what it means to be ‘Italian’.

You will explore the reasons for immigration, the impact of immigration on those of Italian descent, and the top 7 challenges you are likely to face when tracing your Italian ancestors. You’ll look at the different categories, origins and meanings of Italian surnames, and learn how to discover where specific surnames may have arisen. You’ll discuss Italian personal names and naming conventions, and how ‘soprannomi’ (special ‘nicknames’ given to families to distinguish one branch from another) can be both a blessing and a curse for the genealogist...

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Our Group Visit to Manchester Archives on 4 April

What do George V, Gypsy Rose Lee and Bernard Bresslaw have in common?

Which musician was once thrown out of the Language and Literature Library?

What you would find now in the space where Patrick Stewart and Helen Mirren – amongst many others – played their first roles?

Want to learn more about the lives of your ancestors who were from Manchester?

All these questions – and many more – are answered on a tour of the Archives and Local History of Manchester at the Manchester Central Library... 

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