Debts, Debtors, Bankrupts & Bigamists - A Half-day Course on 21 October

Throughout the 1700s/1800s many people, as today, got badly into debt, some unable to pay them off and often ending in gaol. Records were generated at every level and this course looks at the wealth of family history information they contain by reference to several famous and not so famous cases from all the social classes. It examines the causes and remedies and also looks at the way spouses walked out on those in debt, causing many bigamy cases to result.

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Traces of Pimlico’s Past - A One-hour Lecture on 18 October 2017

Bounded on three sides by rivers, this district of London has changed its name, its character and its location over ten centuries. A careful study of Pimlico's topography reveals medieval market gardening and an abbot's holiday home, Georgian docks and distilleries, a canal with no boats, Florence Nightingale's industrial uncle, and social changes brought about by wars and a railway station.      

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Using Mind Mapping for Genealogical Problem Solving -  A half-day Course on 14 October 2017

Since Tony Buzan coined the term back in the 1970s, Mind Mapping has grown in popularity, mainly in education and business. Recently Mind Mapping has cropped up as a technique to help genealogists, thanks to the efforts of Ron Arons. This talk recaps how Mind Mapping works, takes a peek at the burgeoning market for Mind Mapping software tools, and looks at using Mind Mapping to help solve tricky genealogical problems.

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