Tracing your Trade and Craftsman Ancestors - a half-day course on 30 May

Many of our surnames hark back to the trades and crafts of our ancestors, Butcher, Baker, Thatcher, etc. We will learn of about the non-industrial trades and craft fields in which our ancestors worked (tailors, merchants, mercers and shopkeepers, smiths and metal workers, and the building trades to name a few).   We will look further at Guilds, training and working conditions, and genealogical resources for research.

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In the Name of God, Amen: Wills Workshop on 23 May

Whether your ancestors owned large swathes of land in the north of England or came from a more humble background in the West Country, the chances are that somewhere along the line some of them will have left wills. Dave will look at how to access wills and how you can use them to get a better understanding of what life was really like for your ancestors. 

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