A Report on the Breaking down your Brickwalls workshops at SoG

The first two 'Breaking down your Brickwalls' workshops have been held at the SoG.  A small group of members spent two hours discussing and helping to break down each other's brickwalls. In each session, at least one lucky participant had a significant break through and everyone left with new avenues to pursue.

The brick walls stretched from the 18th to 20th century covering mainly England but also Wales, Ireland, Germany and India. There were discussions regarding military, probate, employment and immigration records. In addition, there were useful research techniques and sources identified throughout the sessions.

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Newspapers for Family History - a half-day course on 22 August

We will look at using newspapers for family history research, including The London, Belfast and Edinburgh Gazette. There is a wealth of information contained in newspapers and in the official Government Gazettes. This course examines the value of such publications particularly in regard to awards, promotions, bankruptcy,  etc., found in the Gazettes. We'll also look in depth at the new Newsroom at the British Library and the value of on-line newspapers not just form this country but worldwide.

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Family History Getaway:Genealogy in the 21st Century - A week-long intensive course 7-11 September

Spend a week on your family history with the Society of Genealogists. The SoG is hosting a five day intensive genealogy programme in its library in London. Family history research is constantly changing, the most obvious being the technological advances in computers, hand-held devices and software updates. 

Family history research has come a long way since the days of paper stuffed into cabinets and binders. Record-keeping is easier and faster than ever before, allowing us to spend less time organising our records and more time doing research. Leading experts will familiarise you with developments in the genealogy community as well as help you to learn more about changes on major family history websites; data storage; keeping email and data secure; updates on genealogy software and much more. There will be time each day to concentrate on your own research as use of the Society's extensive genealogical library is included in the course.

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