A Family Historian’s Brushes with the Law -  A one-hour talk on 5 June

Many intriguing glimpses of our ancestors come via legal records.  The two Victorian gentlemen on my family tree who had seemed the most unassailably respectable both stood in the dock. Family historians miss a great deal unless they can find ways into such records and, having found the material, reach some understanding of unfamiliar processes. 

We shall look briefly at those on both sides of the law, at some of the most frequent events, such as inquests and bankruptcy, and see what happened when some cases were brought to trial...

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Planting a Family Tree Online at MyHeritage - Two Free Talks on 5 June

This event will consist of two talks:

Planting a Family Tree at MyHeritage -3pm

Get a general overview of the MyHeritage platform and features to quickly and efficiently grow your tree. You’ll learn the basics of building a tree, adding new people, and filling in their details.

MyHeritage DNA Test & Matching - 4pm

DNA testing provides greater context to your family history research as it reveals your ethnic origins and allows you to discover people who share your DNA and are likely to be your relatives...

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The History of the Cemeteries and Crypts of London - A half-day course on 25 May

Two speakers give the history of the 19th century (and earlier) cemeteries and crypts in London.

In our first talk: Robert Stephenson gives an overview of the extraordinary period of change that London experienced in the 19th century. It saw a parallel upheaval in burial practices. Many ancient churchyards closed forever and an impressive array of garden cemeteries opened in the suburbs. We learn more about these cemeteries, old and new.

In our second talk: Rev Malcolm Johnson draws on his unrivalled knowledge of the crypts of London, since the Great Fire. He describes the often unseen and remarkable details of the number and types of burials accommodated under many London churches. He also explains how, in the last century, new pastoral and commercial initiatives gave such spaces new and vital roles in the life of the church - and what happened to the bodies when this happened...

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