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The Society holds pedigrees for all of the surnames shown in this index. The larger ones are rolled up and stored in archive boxes ("Roll pedigrees") whilst the smaller ones are stored flat (referred to in this list as “Sheet pedigrees"). VL after a name indicates the pedigree is very large.

The pedigrees are kept on closed access and need to be applied for at the Lower Library enquiry counter by filling out an orange slip. If you cannot come in to view a pedigree yourself, it may be possible to obtain a photocopy using the Society’s  Search and Copy Service (although we do not have the facilities to reproduce large pedigrees).

Donations to this collection are always welcome – please contact the Head of Library Services in the first instance.

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Surnames starting with u

  1. Uffindel
  2. Umfreville
  3. Umphelby & Uppleby (later Umphelby-White) [Sheet pedigree]
  4. Unwin
  5. Upsdale
  6. Usborne
  7. Uvedale