Boiler Repairs

Update on the Boilers and other premises items


You are aware we carried out repairs in the Winter of 2018 after much inconvenience to Members with an ice cold building and the need to temporarily close.  We carried out repairs but are all too aware that parts for our old boilers are now increasingly hard to find and the system itself could do with upgrading to better standards.   We have had an initial quote in excess of £69,500 for this.


Similarly the lift is older and it is difficult to source parts.  We have had a recommendation to install a new service panel and this will be in excess of £35,000.


Following a roof leak we have had a quote to carry out extensive repairs and remove the old heavy metal tanks on the roof (which are adding to the strain of old wooden rafters) and this will be in excess of £35,000.


These are huge sums of money in addition to the extra internet functionality that we are having to do this year (a new line is being installed in the building which means the road down Charterhouse Buildings will need to be dug up).

We are of course receiving more quotes but we are unable to commence these projects yet without the fear of impinging on the reserves policy which is our essential safety net.  If you can help, either by donation or by utilising any SoS type free builders/plumbers, don't hesitate to contact me on 

June Perrin, Chief Executive

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