Our Vision and Mission

VISION. A world in which everyone has convenient, affordable access to records, finding aids, knowledge and skills necessary to conduct authoritative research into family history.


MISSION. To be the leading national learned Society concerned with family history and genealogy and their associated disciplines


  1. Promoting recognition of the worth of family history research by:
    1. Influencing academic standards
    2. Providing education, skills and standards for research

      2.   Assisting members and the public in their research objectives by:

                  a)  Making widely available an expanding Society collection of relevant records, finding aids and other material both

*    physically in its library and

*    remotely through its publications in any media

                   b) Providing access through a variety of media to expertise by:

*   giving research advice in the library, at external events or remotely

*   signposting to material held or published by others

                   c)  Increasing the availability of research material by undertaking projects for:

                        *   transcription and indexing

                        *   digitisation

       3.    Being an effective voice campaigning for:

                   a)   The integrity and preservation of records relevant to current and future research

                   b)   Optimum access to such records


        4.    Being the essential contact for appropriate media, commercial and public sector interests  

        5.    Co-operating with and providing support for individuals and organisations effectively contributing to the Society's vision.  In particular catalysing, coordinating or contributing to transcription, indexing or other group projects or objectives.