The Chair of the SoG Board of Trustees released in October 2020 a public statement about the future of the society.

Part of the statement reads:

"In June this year, we commissioned a strategy project, including extensive surveys and substantial numbers of people throughout the UK and further afield were consulted in depth. This included members, volunteers, staff and other interested parties to give their views on the future of the Society of Genealogists and how they think it should be. We continue to welcome your ideas.

The output from this is a clear and comprehensive strategy document with an immediate plan of action, which was approved at the Trustee Board meeting in July. The financial model underlying it was approved at the end of August, and the Transformation Programme can now begin."

The statement also outlines some of the broad aims of the Transformation including a strong member focus, greater access to unique collections, major investment in technology across all areas, a sound process for selection of new premises, and internal restructure to carry out the transformation.

This page is for providing information and documents and publishing periodical updates for members and supporters about the progress of our exciting transformation plans.

Transformation Programme : Start October 2020

The Transformation Programme lasts 2 years and the target for completion is at the end of 2022. The Society will be investing in all of the streams of work shown above and is aiming to deliver and integrate those streams in line with the times shown. It is very likely that the timings will change within streams and that they could be longer or shorter in duration, but they will all be delivered to an agreed budget with regular monitoring by the Board of Trustees.

 Quarterly Update : February 2021

The Programme has had an excellent start. There were three major items due to be delivered by this point  - a new Online Education Booking System, a new Finance system and a new mail package for communication to our Members. All three have delivered successfully, on time and within budget. Members should be experiencing the results of this already.

We have started work on Relocation Analysis to select our new home. Also, Membership– the redesign of the Membership package, and a new Membership System. We have also started to collate all of the current Library and Collection initiatives and will be prioritising and then delivering them in the Unique Assets and Library Streams. These will all be well under way by the next Quarterly Update, with deliveries aimed at the Quarter after that.