LA Vol 12: Makers of Playing Cards Co., Musicians Co, Saddlers Co & Tobaccopipemakers Co

LA Vol 12: Makers of Playing Cards Company Index 1675-1760, Musicians Company Index 1765-1800, Saddlers Company Index 1657-1666 & 1800, & Tobaccopipemakers Company Index 1800 only

General Introduction to the London Apprentices Series

The records of the Livery Companies of London are one of the greatest archival treasures of the world. Dating from the early medieval period to the present, they provide a mass of information for a variety of historians of innumerable subjects.  For the family historian, they can provide an immense amount of genealogical and biographical details about their members. 

A large proportion of these records are deposited at the Guildhall Library, where they may be freely and conveniently consulted.  Again, from the genealogical viewpoint, the two most important series of records tends to be those where people were apprenticed to a master, and those where individuals were admitted as freemen of the company in question.

This series is designed to provide family and other historians with the information provided by the records of apprenticeship of a number of the Livery Companies.  They have been selected from those companies whose apprenticeship records generally give good genealogical detail, principally, the name, parish and occupation of the apprentice's father.  The records have been sorted into alphabetical order of apprentice, and supplemental indexes provided of masters, places and occupations.

Comp by Cliff Webb, A5, 45 pages,  pub. Society of Genealogists Enterprises Ltd 1998