Who Do You Think You Are? Live Speakers’ Handouts

We hope you enjoyed Who Do You Think You Are? Live.

Speakers’ handouts or slides presented at WDYTYA? Live shows in Birmingham NEC and previously in Glasgow and  London are published  here as PDFs or online links. Not every speaker will have provided slides of their presentations but we do expect more to arrive, so if the talk you wanted isn't yet represented on the list below do pop back to this page and check again later.

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Who Do You Think You Are? Live @Birmingham NEC 6-9 April 2017

Peter Bailey  (Saturday 8 April) Baptism, Marriage and Burial Records in British India - Not Available in the "India Office" Records

Paul Carter (Saturday 8 April 2017) Six Tips for Publishing Your Research on the Web

Else Churchill (Thursday 6 April 2017 & Saturday 8 April 2017) The Society of Genealogists On and Off Line

Else Churchill (Thursday 6 April 2017) Country Bumpkins.Tracing Rural Ancestors

Else Churchill (Friday 7 April 2017) I'm Stuck. Some Ideas for Solving Genealogical Problems

Else Churchill (Saturday 8 April 2017) Tracing Women Ancestors

Peter Christian (Thursday 6 April 2017) Parsh Registers Online. Here is a link to Peter's website where you will find a PDF of his slides

Gill Draper (Saturday 8 April 2017) Going Back In Tiime. Free Resources for Finding People 13th-19th Centuries

Brian Donavan (Saturday 8 April 2017) The Digital Revolution in Irish Genealogy

Mary Evans (Saturday 8 April 2017) Don't Believe Everything You Read  - or Hear!

Janet Few (Thursday 6  April 2017) Engaging Young Children in Family History

Janet Few (Friday 7 April 2017) The Ones That Got Away.Tracng Elusive Ancestors

Celia Heritage (Friday 7 April 2017) Surnames and Family History

Doreen Hopwood (Thursday 6 April 2017) Where Did They Come From and Why?

Dr Jane Howells (Thursday 6 April 2017) Townies. Ancestors in Small Market Towns

Tahitia McCabe (Friday 7 April 2017) Top Tips for Citing Your Sources:Create Quality Family Trees

Sue Mitchell (Thursday 6 April 2017) In Persuit of Lots! Using Forenames to Build the Family Tree

Sue Mitchell (Saturday 7 April 20170 Do As I Say Not As I Did. Confessions of an Imperfect Genealogist

Robert Parker (Friday 7 Aprl 2017) A Quick Guide to Getting Started

Robert Parker (Top Tips for racing Tour Ancestors 1939-1845

Michelle Patient (Thursday 6 April 2017) Creating a Family History Website

Erc Probert (Thursday 6 April 2017) Land Tax Assessments in a Nutshell

Mike Sharpe (Saturday 8 April 2017) True Brummies. Birmingham Research Before 1837

Erin Tilley (Friday 7 April 2017) How to get Your Kids Interested in Genealogy

Sylvia Valentine (Saturday 8 April 2017) Delving into Workhouse Records

Graham Walter (Friday 7 April 2017 & Saturday 8 April 2017) Five Killer Aps for Family Historians





Who Do You Think You Are?Live @ Birmingham NEC 7-9 April 2016



Kirsty Bennett & Imogen Middleton (Thursday  7 April 2016) Sources, People and Remembrance - Surrey in the Great War

Kirsty Bennett & Immogen Middleton (Thursday 7 April 2016) Surrey in the Great War Free Information Leaflet and link to Surrey In the Great War website

Peter Christian (Thursday 7 April 2016) Maps Online.  Here's a link to Peter's website where you will find his handout and a PDF of his slides

Else Churchill (Thursday 7 April 2016)  A Quick Guide to the Society of Genealogists' Library

Else Churchill (Friday 8 April 2016 ) What's Been Done Before? Finding Pedigrees online and at the society of Genealogists Library

Else Churchill (Saturday 9 April 2016) Research Before 1837. Church Records On and Offline

Jackie Depelle (Friday8 April 2016) Writing Your Family History

 Dr Gillian Draper (Friday 8 April 2016) The Best Place For Your Local History

Margaret Haig (Saturday 9 April 2016) Copyright and Family History

Celia Heritage (Thursday 7 April 2016) Good Reseach Techniques: The Golden Rules

Celia Heritage (Saturday 9 April 2016) Tracing 16th- and 17th-Century Family Trees

Doreen Hopwood (Friday 8 April 2016) Birmingham Ancestors

Jane Howells (Saturday 9 April 2016) Don't Throw This Out

Timo Kracke (Saturday 9 April) Start Your research For German Ancestors with genealogy.net)

Tahitia McCabe (Thursday 7 April 2016) Cluster Genealogy or the Fan Club

John D Reid (Thursday 7 April) Finding English Emigrants to Canada and Their Descendants

Dr Jim Ryan (Saturday 9 April 2016) Strange and Unusual Sources for Irish Famiy History

Mike Sharpe (Thursday 7 April 2016) Tracing Birmingham Ancestors: Hidden gems

Mike Sharpe (Saturday 9 April 2016) Researching Your Midlands Ancestors in Staffordshire, Wawickshire and Worcestershire

Dr Jenny Swanson (Saturday 9 April 2016) Original Images: Looking Beyond Indexes and Transcriptions






Who Do You Think You Are?Live @ Birmingham NEC 16-18 April 2015

Ron Arons (Saturday 18 April 2015) Nifty & Powerful Technologies for Genealogical Annalysis & Documentation. A PDF file with all of the products and websites discussed listed in the form of a mind map. (What else would you expect from Ron?)

Carl Chinn MBE (Friday 17 April 2015) The Real Peaky Blinders (Unfortunately Carl's book was not available for sale at the show. Details can be found here

Else Churchill (Thursday 16 April 2015) What's Been Done Before? Finding Pedigrees Online and at the Society of Genealogists)

Else Churchill (Friday 17 April 2015) Parish Registers - On and Off Line

Phil Cooper (Thursday 16 April 2015) Surrey in the Great War - Sourcesm History and Remembrance

George English (Friday 17 April 2015) Problem Solving and Breaking Down Brick Walls

Mary Evans (Thursday 16 April 2015) Learn to Love Your Brick Walls

Janet Few (Thursday 16 April 2015) Are You Sitting Comfortably? Creating Your Family's Story

Janet Few (Friday 17 April 2015) Families in Context: Researching Your English Ancestors and their Communties in the Early Twentieth Centuries

Fiona Fitzsimons (Saturday 18 April 2015) What Will You Find in the Registry of Deeds in Dublin?

Nicci Fletcher (Friday 17 April 2015) Preserving Tomorrows History Today.

Liv Marit Haarkenstad (Saturday 18 April 2015) Norwegian Ancestry

John Hanson (Thursday 16 April 2015) Why Pay? The Top Free Family History Web Alternatives

John Hanson (Saturday 18 April 2015) Why Cant I Find Them in the Civil Registrations and Cenus Indexes?

Celia Heritage (Thursday 16 April 2015) How Far Did Your Ancestors Travel Before the Railways?

Celia Heritage (Saturday 18 April 2015) I've Lost My Ancestors Before 1837. Where Did He Come From?

Jane Howells (Thursday 16 April 2015) The Patchwork of a Woman's Life: Finding Pieces and Stitching Them Together

Doreen Hopwood (Friday 17 April 2015) Birmingham Occupations

Doreen Hopwood (Saturday 18 April) Birmingham Ancestors

Paul Howes (Saturday 18 April 2015) How has the Internet Changed the Game? Testing the Limits of  A Huge One Name Study

Julie Goucher (Friday 18 April 2015) Tracing Your European Ancestors

Debbie Kennett (Thursday 16 April 2015) The Joy of Surnames

Tahitia McCabe (2015 ) Scottish Directories

Liz Palmer (Thursday 16 April 2015) Birmingham Coroners' Inquests

Eric Probert (Saturday 18 April 2015) Tracing the Lives of Professionals Here's a link to a summary of Eric's Talk

Rebecca Probert (Friday 17 Apri 2015) Divorced, Bigamist, Bereaved - Interpreting Your Ancestor''s Second (and Subsequent!) Marriages

Audrie Reed  (Friday 17 April 2015) Family History Scrapbooking. Here's a link to Audrie's presentation on You Tube

Jim Ryan (Saturday 18 April 2015) Irish Catholic Church Records Here's'a link to Jim's blog with notes on his talk

Mike Sharpe (Thursday 16 April) 2015) Tracing Your Birmingham Ancestors

Jenny Swanson (Thursday 16 April 2015) Scottish Baptismal Names


Who Do You Think You Are?Live @ Glasgow SECC 29-30th August 2014

Else Churchill (Friday 29 Aug 2014) Surname Searching.Finding Pedigrees Online, at the SoG and other libraries

Else Churchill (Saturday 30 Aug 2014) Scottish Sources in the Library of the Society of Genealogists

Jackie Depelle (Saturday 30 Aug 2014) Reading the Original

Bruce Durie  (Friday 29 Aug 2014) The Future of Professional Genealogy PLEASE  NOTE A link to this presentation and a related symposium discussion will follow shortly

Bruce Durie (Saturday 30 Aug 2014) Heraldry Why It Matters

George English (Saturday  30 Aug 2014) Removing Dry Stane Dykes - Breaking Down Scottish Family History Brick Walls

Graham Maxwell (Saturday 30 Aug 2014) Tracing Your Illegitimate Ancestors in the Sheriff Court Records

Alec Tritton (Friday 29 August 2014) Social Media for Family History. 212 Blog Posting Ideas PLEASE NOTE  this links to an online digital booklet compiled by Alec that can be accessed only by those who were given the password at Alec's talk





Who Do You Think You Are?Live @ London Olympia 20-22nd February 2014

Gill Blanchard (Thursday 20 Feb 2014)  Our Ancestors' Homes. Where they lived and what their homes were like.

Else Churchill (Thursday 20 Feb 2014) What's been done before? Finding Pedigrees Online and at the Society of Genealogists

Else Churchill (Friday 21 Feb 2014) What Next? Pre 1837 Parish Registers in the Archives, Online and at the Society of Genealogists

Jackie Depelle (Thursday 20 Feb 2014) Reading the Original

Jackie Depelle (Saturday 22 Feb 2014) Remnants of a Lost Life - A Brief Encounter with Life and the First World War

Jackie Depelle & Roy Stockdill (Friday 21 Feb 2014) Researching Yorkshire Ancestors - Handout 1

Bruce Drurie (Thursday 20 Feb 2014) Scottish Retours of Services of Heirs and English Inquisitions Post Mortem

Janet Few (Saturday 22 Feb 2014) Putting Your Ancestors in their Place - Sources for reconstructing nineteenth century communities

Janet Few (Friday 21 Feb 2014) A-Z of Family History. An alphabetical journey through some less well known sources

Simon Fowler (Thursdy 20 Feb 2014) All at Sea - serving in the Royal Navy During the First World War

Simon Fowler (Saturday 20 Feb 2014) Overcoming Your Trench Walls - how to break out from your WW1 research problems and advance to ultimate genealogical victory

Mark E Gardner (Thursday 20 Feb 2014) How FamilySearch Can Help You Locate Your Ancestors

Mark E Gardner (Thursday 20 Feb 2014) Tips for Using British Records?

John Hanson (Friday 21 Feb 2014) Why Pay? The Top Free Alternative Websites for Family History

John Hanson (Saturday Feb 22 2014) Why Cant I Find Them in the Civil Registration Indexes?

Celia Heritage (Thursday 20 Feb 2014) Newspapers for Family History

Celia Heritage (Saturday 22 Feb 2014) Wills:Not Just a Source for Our Better Off Ancestors

Daniel Horowitz (Thursday 20 Feb 2014) How Can I Share and Preserve Memories in the the Digital Era

Tahita McCabe (Thursday 20 Feb 2014) Uncle Sam Wants You! An introduction to American Military records

Roz McCutcheon (Friday 21 Feb 2014) The Poor Laws and the Irish Poor

Eileen M. Ó Dúill (Saturday 22 Feb 2014)  Moving from Amateur to Professional Genealogist: Are You Ready?

Frank Pleszack (Thursday 20 Feb 2014) The Little Known Battle of  Lake Narocz

Eric Probert (Friday 21 Feb 2014) Company and Business Records

Helen Smith (Friday 21 Feb 2014) Researching Australian World War 1 Military Personnel

Michael Tobias (Thursday 20 Feb 2014) Researching Your Jewish Ancestors



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