The Apprentice Barber-Surgeon to FRCS: Why is a Surgeon a Mr and not a Dr? An Online Talk - 27 May

Compared to the high status of a university educated physician, the surgeon originally had a low status in the medical hierarchy. The surgeon served an apprenticeship and was a member of a livery company, like other medieval craftsmen such as barbers.

In 1540 guilds of surgeons and barbers were merged to form the Company of Barber Surgeons responsible for licensing surgeons to practice in London and Westminster. As the academic basis of surgery developed in the 18th century, surgery itself became more professional. The Company of Surgeons, the forerunner of today’s Royal College of Surgeons, became independent from the Barbers.

The Medical Registration Act of 1858 recognised the surgeon as the equal of the physician as modern medicine took its place as a profession. Kevin Brown will how and why these events took place, and more...

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Getting the Most from the Society Catalogue - A Free One-hour Online Talk on 26 May 2021

Join us for an interesting talk on SoGCAT, the Society of Genealogists’ online library catalogue. Our Library holds about 135,000 items, where do you start to find information on your ancestors? SoGCAT lists what we hold. So learning how to use it gives you a huge getting started benefit.

In this talk with Else Churchill, we will provide you with lots of information on how to use SOGCAT and what it holds to further your research...

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Irish Ancestors & Irish Lives - A Live Online Six-week Evening Course 2 June-7 July 2021

Like so many families around the world, you probably have some Irish ancestors on your family tree. Over the centuries, Irish people have travelled around the globe. They helped to build the modern world, trading, colonising, working and governing.

You may have found some records for your Irish ancestors, telling you where they came from in Ireland, the villages they lived in and who they married. But, from the stories you’ve heard, do you think there’s so much more to learn about what their lives were like in Ireland? This series of talks will focus on the Irish branches of your family tree: where and how they lived, their daily lives, the issues that challenged them, and the documents that can help you build an understanding about them.

Aims and objectives...

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