Tracing a House History - A One-hour Live Online Talk on 6 March

Gill Blanchard, a leading UK house historian and author of ‘Tracing Your House History’ wants to help you trace your house’s history.

Discover the main resources that can enable you to trace the history of your own home or a house where your ancestors lived. Gill explains which sources to use: to put a building in a time and a place; to uncover who has lived there; to find out what else the building has been used for; and to discover when it was built...

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Lives of our Ancestors: Recent and Long-standing Local History Sources - A Live Online Talk 6 March

Dr Gill Draper explains the work of the British Association for Local History. It specialises in listing resources and indexes and in keeping them up-to-date.

Many family historians want to explore local history to find out more about the lives of their forebears in such areas as: schooling; poverty and wealth; church and chapel; housing; or specific cities, towns and villages. Many resources with hundreds of personal names and details are now available in print and on free websites.

In this talk, Gill tells us about the British Association for Local History, which keeps up-to-date listings. It’s a valuable resource, especially as new indexes of names, places and occupations become available...

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