2000 original apprenticeship indentures made available on SoG Data Online

F A Crisp and H Clench were great collectors of original historical documents and they left a number of these to the Society of Genealogists in the 1920s and 1930s. Amongst them was a series of apprenticeship indentures dating from the late 17th century onwards. These have now been scanned, indexed and made available to members on SoG Data Online.

Apprenticeship indentures were legal documents whereby a master, in exchange for a sum of money, agreed to instruct the apprentice in his or her trade or "mystery" for a set term of years.  The provision of food, clothing and lodging was generally part of the agreement. They are an invaluable source for family historians as they often give the name of the apprentice’s father, thus enabling the researcher to go back a further generation in time.

The index to indentures can be searched here. Only Society members can access the image of the indenture.

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