The Society has a New Website for Booking Events

Perhaps you have you read our announcement, in the Newsletter: “We’re pleased to announce our new events website.”

Actually, we’re so much more than pleased. We’re really excited and a little bit thrilled. Our events team worked extremely hard to make it all happen and we’d like to encourage you to visit the new website, see how much it offers, and let us know what you think.

It’s not that we regularly throw away anything old. For heavens sake, we have documents that are centuries old and we pride ourselves on taking great care of everything. But we like to think we can bridge the centuries – 21st century technology and 17th century treasures.

Come with us on a little tour of our new website. Here’s the link and we suggest that you save it in your Favorites:

Our new events homepage looks ike this:


Searching events

You can now browse or search in a number of different ways to see what’s available.

For example, imagine that you wanted to improve your skills using one of the main family history websites or you were wondering which genealogy software to buy. You can select the Digital Family History box to see all the courses we’re planning that cover software, the web and websites.

Or, imagine you just wanted to book one or two short talks during a lockdown Thursday afternoon. You can select the One Hour Talks box to see what’s coming up.

You can also look at our Schedule, showing talks with their prices and dates, or our Calendar, if you want to know what’s happening on a certain day.

As you probably know, all our events are taking place live online, using Zoom. It’s almost a year since we started throwing worldwide get-togethers and they are incredibly popular. In these tough times it’s wonderful to join lots of other people with the same interests in family history, reaching out from their couches or dining tables.

Many people have asked us to make it clear which talks and courses will be recorded so that they could watch after the event. For some, it’s because they live in a different time zone, don’t want to miss out but also can’t stay awake all night. For others, it’s because work or family commitments make it difficult to join a talk at a set time. Now, on our new website, you can select the Recorded Events box for a choice of live Zoom talks and courses that have been recorded and remain available for two weeks after the event.

Just in case you’ve not used Zoom before, the new website includes a guide as well, explaining how to get Zoom and covering hints and tips to help you get started.

Booking events

Booking your next talk or course is where the real benefits of the new website appear. For a start, you don’t have to log into anything. That means no user name or password that you constantly forget. If you’re a Member, you don’t even need your membership number.

Here’s what to do:

1. Find the event you want to attend.

2. Select it to see more information about it, the speaker, the date and the price.

3. If you’re outside Britain, you can select your time zone from the little Date drop down arrow – how wonderful is that?

4. When you are ready, select the ‘Book’ button.

The Registration page appears, like this one:


Now, the first time you visit this Registration page, you must enter all your details. If you are a Member, please enter your name and email as they are recorded in our Membership list, including your first name in full (no middle names). Entering your details in this way allows the website to recognise you as a Member and apply any discounts you are due.

When you get to the bottom of this page, tick the box that says ‘Remember this attendee’s details for next time’. From your second visit onwards, the fields on this page will auto-complete for you.

If you have changed your name or you aren’t recognised, please email us at and we can help sort it out.

You can, of course, book for more than one attendee and book more than one course. Our new website can do that with ease, by selecting the "add another event" button.

Still two websites

You’ve probably noticed that our ‘old’ website is still there, on this link: We don’t throw anything away – you know that.

You can continue to keep it as your Favourite search, browse and learn stop.

The Member’s area is full of learning materials, hints and tips and the Community Hub. The Hub has been very active during the last 12 months, with lots of Members asking for help on specific family history issues and lots of Members helping with their own knowledge.

The Bookshop is still there. And you can continue to get all the fantastic benefits from our unique archive in SoG Data Online, and from the library and its collections.

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