Tracing Rural Ancestors. A Free talk for SoG members

Pretty much everyone has rural ancestors from Ag Labs to the Lords of the Manor and everything in between. Our Genealogist Else Churchill gives a free talk for SoG members with an overview of some of the useful genealogical sources that will help you find out about your ancestors and the lives they led.


Before the industrial revolution the majority of England was employed in some capacity on the land. It's a falsehood to say that agrultural labourers and the rural poor are largely anonamous. This talk will look at some resources for finding out the stories of your ancestors who lived and worked on the land and who were accused of being a country bumpkins - a term coined by Lord Chesterfield  who claimed in 1774 that " a country bumpkin is ashamed when he comes into good company”. Today we can say that we are proud to know our rural ancestors.


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