Ed Percival | Jun 24, 2021, 12:46 PM

Important update: we're moving!

As you will know by now, the Society is undergoing a once in a generation transformation. 

One of the major parts of this is moving to a new home. We have now officially given notice to our landlords here at Charterhouse Buildings and are very excited for our next chapter and a place which will better suit your needs and ours. I appreciate this has come earlier than expected but it is in the best interests of the charity to start the move now. 

We can’t yet reveal the details of our new home, but I can say we are focusing on staying in London and are in negotiations. It might seem premature to start packing already, but as I’ve written before, there is a lot to be sorted out. 

This will unfortunately mean we will have to close our doors for a few months. We will be taking the utmost care with all our library and archives to ensure they are kept safe during the move and conserved for future use.  During this time, we will be accelerating our digitisation work with our archive partners.

Thank you as ever for bearing with us and your continued support. 

All the steps we are taking are to protect the Society for the future and ensure we’re here for many more generations to come. And be assured - we will be back - stronger, fitter and healthier.

In the meantime, you will be invited to join our new membership system in early July and with the launch of our new website, be able to enjoy full access to SoG Data online and all member resources along with our growing list of online events and courses.  

Please don’t hesitate to get in contact if you have any questions and we’ll be in touch again in a few weeks to let you know more about our digital transformation.  

Please contact us for more information

Upcoming talks and courses

Were your Ancestors Gypsies?
11 June

Beverley Walker discusses the migration of Gypsies from India and describes their history in Britain. She gives us a look at their lifestyle, including tents, caravans, travel and language. She offers examples of typical names and occupations.

Beverley introduces us to sources you can use to research Romany and other Traveller families, including Fairground, Circus and Canal People. To illustrate the research we can do, she shows us examples of documents that she has found relating to her family, and other families, in various parts of Britain.


Migration within the UK
9 Jun

Our ancestors were a lot more migratory than we think. In this talk, Doreen Hopwood looks at how people and families moved both short and long distances across Britain. Doreen explores the factors that influenced their decisions to move.

She considers the effects that migration had on individuals, on their families, and on their communities, looking at their new places of settlement and at the areas they left behind. She also introduces sources that can help us to trace our migratory ancestors.

Walk: London Priories, Friaries, Nunneries & Hospitals
9 Jun 90-120 Minute Walk

Join Joe Studman for this onsite walk as he guides us through London's past, featuring several 13th century religious houses that were granted land on the perimeter of the City.

Joe’s walk follows the route of the City Wall. Along the way he tells us the stories of over a dozen of these institutions, covering the time before the Reformation and beyond.

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