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This index shows which surnames the Society has documents for in its collections. The documents themselves are not yet online and so can only be viewed at the Society, or in some cases, copies ordered through the Search and Copy Service. Documents may be either original sources such as  birth, marriage and death certificates, deeds, wills, marriage settlements, apprenticeship indentures, letters etc., or transcripts of records such as pedigrees or research notes.

We are currently in the process of digitising the documents, which will be put online in due course.

Additions to the document collection

Any new material for the Society's Document Collection such as birth, marriage and death certificates, copies of wills (especially un-probated ones), family trees etc are always welcome. Please give any items to the staff in the Middle Library or send it to the Society care of the Head of Library Services. Donations are noted in the Genealogist's Magazine and any "new" surnames are added to the index.

Important Notice

There is also much unbound material on families and surnames in the Society's Special Collections which are accessed by a comprehensive surname card index in the Lower Library. Please note that those names are NOT included in this index. If you would like to know if a surname appears in the Special Collections index, please enquire via the Search and Copy Service.

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Surnames starting with i

  1. I(s)les & variants
  2. Ibberson
  3. Ibbetson, Ibbotson
  4. Ibbott
  5. Ibbs
  6. Ibry
  7. Ibsen, Ibson
  8. Ide
  9. Iden
  10. Ife
  11. Ifill
  12. Ig(g)lesden, I(n)gulden, Eggleston
  13. Iken, Ikyn, Ikin
  14. Il(d)sley & variants
  15. Ilbery
  16. Ilderton
  17. Iliff(e), Ilive
  18. Illage
  19. Illidg(e), Illedge, Hyllidge
  20. Illingworth, Illyngworth
  21. Illius
  22. Illsley
  23. Ilot(t) & variants
  24. Image
  25. Imber, Ember
  26. Imeary
  27. Immenhanson
  28. Imp(e)y, Emp(e)y
  29. Imrie
  30. Ince
  31. Inch(e) & variants
  32. Incledon
  33. Ind
  34. Infield
  35. Ing(s)
  36. Ingall
  37. Inge
  38. Ingersoll, Ingersole, Inkersall
  39. Ingerson
  40. Ingham(e)
  41. Ingle
  42. Ingleby, Ingilby
  43. Ingledew
  44. Inglefield
  45. Ingleton
  46. Inglis (-Jones), Ingillis
  47. Ingmore
  48. Ingo(u)ld
  49. Ingoe
  50. Ingoldsby
  51. Ingram
  52. Inkster
  53. Innes
  54. Innocent
  55. Innott
  56. Insley
  57. Instone
  58. Intacker
  59. Inwards
  60. Iordanow
  61. Ir(e)ton
  62. Iredell
  63. Ireland
  64. Iremonger, Ironmonger
  65. Irish
  66. Iron(s), Ions
  67. Ironside(s), Ironsyd(e)
  68. Irvin(e) (-D?Arcy), Irving, Irwin(e)
  69. Is(e)le
  70. Isaac(s)
  71. Isaacson
  72. Isack(e), Isaac(s) & variants
  73. Isbary
  74. Isbell, Isbill(s) & variants
  75. Isbister
  76. Iscard
  77. Isdell
  78. Isgrove
  79. Isitt
  80. Isley
  81. Ismay
  82. Ison, Izon, Isen
  83. Isted
  84. Ithell
  85. Ive(s)
  86. Ivens, Ivin(s)
  87. Iveson
  88. Ivett
  89. Ivie, Ivy
  90. Ivory, Ivery
  91. Ivyleaf
  92. Iz(z)ard, Izod & variants

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