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On joining the Society members are given a birth brief form on which they can record all of their ancestors back to their great-great-grandparents. This index contains all of the surnames (around 28,000) that occur on the birth brief forms received prior to 2007. Details of ones received after that date can be found in SoG Data Online. Variations have been listed separately, as have names that appear in both hyphenated and non-hyphenated form.

The birth briefs themselves can be consulted in the Upper Library, along with an index showing the precise volume and page number on which the entry occurs.

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Surnames starting with q

  1. Quade
  2. Quadri
  3. Quaggin
  4. Quaif
  5. Quail
  6. Quaile
  7. Qualley
  8. Qualtrough
  9. Quan
  10. Quantrell
  11. Quarmby
  12. Quarrel
  13. Quarrier
  14. Quarrinton
  15. Quartermain
  16. Quarterman
  17. Quarton
  18. Quay
  19. Quayle
  20. Queen
  21. Queenan
  22. Queensberry
  23. Quelch
  24. Quenault
  25. Quennell
  26. Queripel
  27. Quesne
  28. Quest
  29. Quested
  30. Questerbrune
  31. Quick
  32. Quickfall
  33. Quie
  34. Quiffray
  35. Quiggan
  36. Quigley
  37. Quihampton
  38. Quilley
  39. Quilliam
  40. Quilly
  41. Quilter
  42. Quimby
  43. Quin
  44. Quincey
  45. Quinche
  46. Quine
  47. Quinette
  48. Quinliving
  49. Quinn
  50. Quinnell
  51. Quinney
  52. Quint
  53. Quintal
  54. Quintin
  55. Quinton
  56. Quintrel
  57. Quirk
  58. Quirke
  59. Quitman
  60. Quittman
  61. Quivey
  62. Quixley
  63. Quy

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