Tracing Family History in New Zealand - A One-hour Lecture on 5 July

Find out how to trace ancestors who emigrated from Britain to New Zealand. In this one-hour talk, Jan Gow covers the WHO, the WHERE and the WHAT of looking for family in New Zealand:

- How to look up birth, marriage and death records in New Zealand  (the WHO)

-  The WHERE - small, new country!! Fabulous records!

 -  Case studies to show what you can find, WHERE to find and WHO to research and WHAT to look  for to find the footprints

  - looking for the siblings of your ancestors who seem to have disappeared and may have left amazing footprints in NZ!

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Radical, Labour & Freethought Archives - A One-hour Lecture on 28 June

The Bishopsgate Institute is home to the library and archives of numerous radicals and troublemakers, including infidel Charles Bradlaugh, blasphemer George Jacob Holyoake and a wealth of other collections documenting people and organisations who dared to challenge the status quo. Join Library and Archives Manager Stefan Dickers to explore the stories that lie behind many of the collections on the shelves at Bishopsgate institute and explore the themes of London, labour, co-operation, freethought and protest. 

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