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Are you thinking of becoming a Professional Genealogist and want to get a good foundation in genealogy to support your work?

Pharos offers two certificate programmes in English and Welsh research, developed and taught jointly by Pharos and the Society of Genealogists, called Family History Skills and Strategies (FHSS).

There are two levels, both of which include a number of tutor-led courses, assessment, and feedback: the FHSS Intermediate Certificate programme and the FHSS Advanced Certificate programme.

The Advanced Certificate programme is only open to those who have successfully completed the Intermediate Certificate programme with an overall pass mark of greater than 70%.

The FHSS Advanced Certificate is recognised by AGRA (the Association of Genealogists and Researchers in Archives) as part of their membership application processes.

More information is available at www.pharostutors.com.

If you're a beginner or looking to learn without an assessment, you may wish to consider our Family History Skills Courses as a starting point. While these are not recognised by AGRA, they are a fantastic starting point for improving your research skills.

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