Off the Beaten Path: Uncommon Routes in Family History Research - Three-day Course 27-29 April

Join us for a three-day intensive online Home Enrichment Course. We’ll join you in your home on Zoom so you won’t have to travel anywhere. In our twelve sessions, we’re offering all the other features that are so popular on our Zoom courses: talks, question and answer sessions with the tutors, additional group discussions, expert help every day, lots of friendly people who share your interests. All included in the cost.

This Course is for anyone who wants to uncover what was different or special about their ancestors’ lives in England and Wales – not just where they were born, who they married and when they died. You have probably followed that beaten path through birth, marriage and death records, the census and church records. Have you already found that the best bits about genealogy are the bits that don’t fit? The pieces you can’t find? Do you have random ‘facts’ that don’t make any sense at all because there’s no context?

Immerse yourself in this intensive, stay-at-home course for three days. Discover how interesting your ancestors were, from childhood to old age, and everything in between. Look at some unusual methods and ‘off the beaten path’ sources for family history research, as well as the inner workings of the usual sources to give you a different perspective...

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April 2021 Discounted Book of the Month - My Ancestor was a Leather Worker

Were your family involved in the leather trade? it would be no surprise if some of them were. in the mid 1850s, thousands of workers earned a living in the leather trade. your ancestors might have been tanners, shoemakers, saddle and harness makers, or curriers. They might have made cricket balls or sporrans.

If you have found references to any of the leather trades in family documents or census entries, would you like to know more about what your ancestor was doing and what life was like? In this book, Ian Waller examines the history of leather making, the processes used to create leather goods, and the working conditions that leatherworkers experienced. Ian covers tanners, curriers and leather merchants; the shoemaking industry; saddle and harness making; glove making and many other jobs that involved leather, such as balls, books, belts and hats...

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