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Welcome to SoG Explore

Discover your ancestors using SoG Explore, a new tool providing powerful search capabilities to help you find your ancestors in our extensive record collections. SoG Explore is currently in development with new search features coming soon. We are working on digitalising many records currently only available offline, plus adding our existing digital collections to this new search tool.

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SoG Explore Hints and Tips

Watch this video for advice on how to use SoG Explore. Looking for SoG Explore itself? You can access our new search tool here.

What's New?

We've added a Categories drawer to help you drill down into the record types you are most interested in viewing. We've also added a second Keyword section - which means you can now include some search words and exclude others! We'll be updating our video in the New Year to show you some hints and tips on using these newly added features.

What records are on SoG Explore?

We are undertaking an ongoing migration project, moving our digital collections from SoG Data Online to SoG Explore.

To date we have migrated the below list of records to SoG Explore, but please do revisit this page as updates are happening regularly or sign up to The Genealogy Gazette for all SoG news and announcements (including record updates).

NEW December 2023 - Apprentices of Great Britain (now with images and parent index)

NEW December 2023 - Holborn St Andrew Marriages 1599 - 1837

Apprenticeship Indentures (by Crisp)

Boyd's Marriage Index Main Series (All Counties)

Boyd's Marriage Index (Miscellaneous) All Counties

Boyd's Family Units (with images)

Boyd's London Burials

Boyd's Inhabitants of London (with images)

Hertfordshire Marriage Index

Kent Marriage Index

East Kent Marriage Index

Kent Burials 1813-1851

Wiltshire Burial Index

PCC Administrations 1750-1800

PCC Wills 1750-1800

Vicar General Marriage Licenses

Faculty Office Marriage Licenses

Family Trees (First 2 boxes plus original public trees (with images)

Great Card Index B (first 2 batches (Baa to Bam) with images

National Roll of the Great War (with images)

St Martin in the Fields Settlement examinations 1708-1750

Alumni Oxonienses (with images)

Palgrave-Moore Norfolk Marriage Index (Vols 1,2,3,11)

Irish War Dead (with images)

Found a bug?

SoG Explore continues to be tested and developed. You can report bugs via email to, but before you do so please check the list of bugs already identified below. On reporting bugs, please provide screenshots if possible.

πŸ› Pressing Back to Search Results intermittently clears the previous search, returning you to page 1 (even if you were several pages into your results). We understand this is very frustrating. If this bug happens to you please let us know which Browser you are using. Fixing this bug is our number one priority.

πŸ› Filter down or search one data set / record type. We know you are interesting in this. Our categories filter is now available and we hope this helps in the meantime. We are taking on board your feedback as we consider further developments.

πŸ› Some keyword search types not working consistently - fixed on test site and due for release Jan 2024.

πŸ› Previously viewed Search Results should appear in a fainter colour, indicating they have already been viewed. The fainter grey colour is only showing when results are refreshed.

πŸ› PDF images are not currently viewable in the image viewer.

πŸ› County and Town information needs tidying up and is sometimes in the wrong columns - Town to be changed to Place (as more representative of the varied nature of place types within the records) and place column assortment fixed in test - due for release Jan 2024.

πŸ› Record description information contains typos and formatting errors.

πŸ› Synonyms need to be added (currently the variants search is only working for Metaphone variants so Wm will not appear as a variant of William). Volunteers are working on this now.

πŸ› On Record Index Cards the text "Date of" and "Place of" are missing event data (e.g. Date of Marriage). Fixed in testing and due for release Jan 2024.

πŸ› No minimum restrictions on character entry can cause system to hang (e.g. if searching for Name "S"). Fixed in testing with min requirements of at least 3 characters of data, (with 2 of these being characters rather than wildcards) to be released in Jan 2024.

Don't worry, our volunteers, staff and IT suppliers are on the case to help us with the above bugs. If you'd like to help out too, please email and use "Volunteering" in the subject line.

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