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Help a loved one discover their family history with the gift of membership.

As a member you can access our community of family historians and professional genealogists who are waiting to help with family research, and, of course, one of the most rich and extensive sets of records and collections available anywhere.

We are open to all sorts of people from total beginners to seasoned family historians. Wherever you are in your research we can give you the materials and guidance to get to the next level.

Our Membership

Help the genealogy addict in your life, investigate their ancestors, discover their unique family history and connect with fellow genealogists.

Founded in the heart of 1911, the Society of Genealogists has been a champion of heritage exploration for over a century.  

Our mission is to help people to:

  • Investigate their ancestors
  • Preserve, organise and analyse their genealogy, and
  • Delve into social history….

…so they can connect with their past and discover their unique family history.

There are two types of membership:

  • Standard: Best suited to people whose main goal is to access our collection of records.
  • Gold: Best suited to people who want to improve their research techniques and genealogical skills, gain a better understanding of the historical context of their family tree, and have access to expert support when they need it.

See here for more information on all the benefits, and then email, and we'll help you get set up with Gift Membership.

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As a member, you can make the most of our resources, access our experts, and find a welcoming community of people interested in family history and genealogy.

We all have roots. Let’s find them together.

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