Volunteering With Us

The Society of Genealogists has always relied upon the goodwill and talent of volunteers. We welcome people from all walks of life, who are vital to all areas of the Society's operations and who contribute to a range of special projects.

Please note: the Society's premises is closed due to the national lockdown.

As always, keep an eye on our coronavirus status page to find out the latest news of our operational status and opening hours.

Volunteering at home

We have a very busy community of home indexing volunteers who contribute to the Society from all over the UK and beyond, and if this is something you are interested in doing we can get you started straight away.

Our three current home projects are the Great Card Index, the Pedigree Rolls Project and the indexing of name rich resources on SoG Data Online.

To find out which project is right for you, see our SoG Home Projects Summary, and let me know your preference in your Volunteer Expression of Interest Form (link below).

Some Benefits of Volunteering 

As a volunteer you can benefit from their participation in several ways:

  • The opportunity to attend some free SoG events such as online talks
  • The opportunity to participate in learning opportunities related to your work
  • Membership of our SoG Volunteer Community Forum where volunteers can assist one another with their projects and receive information about the society
  • An e-newsletter containing project updates and information about the society and free events
  • Knowing that you are contributing to a non-profit charitable organisation that serves a vibrant research community throughout the UK and beyond

Please complete a Home Volunteer Expression of Interest form
and tell us about yourself.

If you have any questions about volunteering at the Society,
please contact Christine Worthington, Volunteer Manager 

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Volunteer at Home


Don't live in London?

You can volunteer at home!

Ask our Volunteer Manager about current indexing and transcribing projects.

Society Ethos


The Society of Genealogists offers a unique combination of research material, guidance and support for those interested in family history.

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